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Internet marketing is the creation of conditions for the direct purchase of goods by consumers using the tools of the World Wide Web. In a broader sense, this is online trading. Moreover, network tools are so specific and versatile that they can be used to sell not only goods, but also services. From the point of view of the Internet, the mechanisms are absolutely the same.

Due to the high level of development of logistics and the availability of high-quality transport services, Internet marketing has ceased to differ significantly from ordinary trade. In the electronic store, people, just like in the ordinary, buy goods and subsequently receive them. However, one difference does exist. This is an extreme convenience of shopping. Ideally, you don’t even need to get up from the table to purchase goods. By ideal means building a store on a very customer-friendly platform ( CMS ) and organizing prompt and secure delivery of the purchase.

According to the resource, today among the leaders are content management systems 1C-Bitrix, AMIRO.CMS, Host.CMS, These are the so-called commercial CMS. That is, they must be purchased for money. Along with them, you can use the products free, written by lonely-enthusiasts, or produced by specialized companies for promotional purposes. Choosing the right CMS is the lion’s share of e-commerce success. A good CMS is one that allows the customer to select a product, pay for it, specify the method, time and address of delivery.

Of course, a competent choice of a content management system will only lead to the planned result if the purchased goods are quickly and safely delivered to customers. There are many options today – from state postal services to private transport companies. This is the case when it comes to delivery to remote customers. In the “zone of walking distance” goods are delivered, as a rule, by their own courier services of online stores.

Promotion of online store

search engine optimization

However, the correctness of the choice of CMS and the organization of the delivery of purchases, although an important, but not the only component of the success of Internet marketing. Significant place is advertising project. This is understandable, since a debugged store with an operative courier service, but unknown to potential buyers, there will be no successful trading. It is necessary for the shop to know the maximum number of people.

Therefore, certain efforts need to be made not only to expand the range and maintain the quality of goods, but also to promote the company among potential buyers. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to promote a store on the Internet, but when promoting it on the Internet, it is not necessary to be limited only to search engines . E-commerce products are effectively promoted, for example, in social networks using SMO and SMM methods . Great effect brings the placement of contextual advertising . Last but not least is the installation of banners on the pages of advertising sites.

Internet marketing and search engines

When promoting an online store in search engines, you need to consider that neither Yandex , nor Google , or other services make a distinction between a store and, say, an information portal. That is, the ranking is carried out on the basis of the same principles, guided by which search services build in general any of their issuance . No benefits for the fact that you are promoting the store, you will not be given, as, incidentally, no special tightened requirements. It is necessary to obey the general rules of SEO, and then the promoted resource easily reaches the top lines of search results and is likely to linger there for a long time.

However, practice shows that the most effective way to advertise an online store is still SEO , that is, promotion in search engines . This is the specifics of the psychology of the Internet user. People are looking for everything they need on the World Wide Web, starting with search services, and not with social networks and other resources.

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