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Why do large American companies take the mobile segment less seriously than their Chinese counterparts? This question was attempted by Andy Fave ll , a foreign mobile marketing specialist and speaker at Click .

If you want to know how seriously this or that company takes the mobile segment of the market, review its annual and quarterly reports. While the largest Chinese retailers seek to share with their investors the success in the mobile sales and services segment, their American counterparts often hesitate to disclose such numbers. This is especially true of the largest American retailers.

During an in-depth study of the commercial reports for Click Z, Andy needed to establish which of the world’s largest powers had real success in the field of mobile sales and services. The conclusions are worth sharing.

The methodology was simple

1) Based on Forbes Global 2000 .

2) Examine data from US and Chinese companies (as they dominate the Forbes list).

3) Focus on consumer-oriented companies, for which the mobile segment of the market is not a core business, but should be an important sales channel. Thus, the objects of research were retailers, a chain of restaurants, banks and Internet companies, not cellular companies, oil corporations and manufacturers.

4) Check the latest annual (2015) and quarterly (І – ІІ quarter of 2016) reports to determine with exact figures where the performance of the mobile market segment and other aspects of public relations were ignored.

Project owners often have a problem, who to choose for SEO collaboration? Hire someone in the state, find a remote freelancer or contact the company? What will be better and more optimal?

As you have already noticed from the list, the choice should depend on the requirements, each one is different. Someone only needs a budget, others the ability to quickly solve problems or scale the project and marketing techniques used. Below is a table, where for each “desire” there is a mark, who is more suitable for him, SEO-company, freelancer or in-house solution.


Working with a freelancer has two main advantages: it is often affordable and it is convenient to communicate directly with the performer, rather than as an intermediary, setting tasks including on weekends or late at night, monitoring changes in positions after the Yandex update. Freelancer can devote a maximum of time to your site (if it does not have many other projects), as well as quickly solve emerging problems.

In house seo

Inhouse solution is very well suited for startups where you need to actively engage in one project. Medium and large businesses also benefit from having optimizers on staff. The advantages here are that the person / team is deeply devoted to one project and understands the specifics of the client’s business, is fully responsible for the result and can quickly implement the necessary changes on the site. If desired, employees can be trained (through conferences or internal seminars, trainings) and the project can be scaled.

SEO Company

Cooperation with seo-companies has many advantages. Companies are more responsible than freelancers, you can strengthen the relationship contract. It is easier to reach the representative of the company (of course, if this is a serious agency), you can call, come to the office or write to them in social networks. The company employs many different specialists who share their experience and tools with each other, here the company itself takes care of the training of employees, be sure that the work on the project is carried out in accordance with the trends.

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