Positive Games For Soldiers

Passage of military training fees is mandatory for students of Novodvinsk industrial technical school.

Every autumn in the autumn, Novodvinsk youths of pre-draft age for several days are immersed in a military atmosphere. At the same time in the class “shirkers” – at least.

It is a pity that the military gatherings were just a week. We all liked it very much, Albert Berestennikov, a second year student at the Novodvinsk Industrial Technical School, said. – They held the real weapon in their hands, looked at the life of the modern soldier, competed in the obstacle course.

This year, the college put up for training more than 40 children. We add that the guys who have already served and have a military ID are exempted from fees. There, however, it turned out quite a bit.

At the training camp, according to the standards, a schedule of classes was drawn up, which, by the way, were conducted not only by teachers, but also by military service veterans and personnel officers. Classes were held for several days, and according to the results of the collections, the best “fighters” were awarded. Identified the organizers of fees and the most prepared guys for the military service. The young men checked themselves in physical competitions: pulling up, lifting weights weighing sixteen kilograms, cross-country, throwing grenades, air rifle shooting.

It turns out that the guys are preparing for training during the whole training process: it includes studying the life cycle course, the fundamentals of military service, human actions in emergency situations, the actions of emergency services.

Questions that are studied during the theoretical course, during the gathering, the platoons learn in practice, – said the teacher of life safety Zinaida Klimova. – The guys should become worthy defenders of our Fatherland and, after graduating from the technical school, prepared to join the ranks of the armed forces of Russia.

The urban youth council and the military personnel of the reserve helped in the collection.

“Overcoming the obstacle course is one of the most unforgettable and positive days of military training,” student Andrey Kuzyaev shared his impressions.  It turned out and relax and get new information and experience.

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