Landline phone: End of PSTN technology

This is not the end of the landline, it is the end of the RTC technology but the landline will remain, rest assured. At this stage, it does not change anything for current users who already have a fixed line, except moving. the operator will only market IP landline offers. Recall that a fixed line RTC is directly connected to the T socket of the wall, while the line over IP, which uses the internet, is connected to a box itself connect to the T socket.

This is only the beginning, Orange has announced the gradual end of the traditional fixed telephone network via the RTC over 5 years. In 2023, subscribers who still own a PSTN line will therefore make all their phone calls from a landline using IP technology.

The operator presents this evolution as necessary since it is a question of replacing a technology deployed in the seventies. Objectively, we can not be against a technological evolution. Nevertheless the CLCV insists that it is much more than that because it is estimated at nearly 10 million the number of users concerned. Most of them are non-techies or have never felt the need to have a box at home. It is essential to take advantage of the 5 year calendar to accompany them in this change. The operator is committed to informing and accompanying its customers.

If experiments have already taken place, the pedagogy essential to deploy towards the public concerned remains to be defined. It is indeed unthinkable, that lack of anticipation of consumers for whom the fixed telephone RTC is essential, and they are numerous (rural areas …), are deprived in 2023. The work remains to be done.

Orange has promised that there will be no tariff change, but we reiterate our questions about the perfect compatibility that remote-control and tele-assistance systems will have with IP telephony.

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