Freelance Marketing Trend

So, the first trend: the transition from content to context . A lot of unique content is, of course, great, but users are often more interested in the description of services themselves, the cost and the way they are received. Focus on the fact that a potential client has come to you, and not just “interested”, and he needs to get clear information about what, where, how and how much.

A major role in web marketing will be acquired by semantic markup – placement of HTML tags to increase page relevance. Not all SEO analysts pay enough attention to the semantic layout, however, as practice has shown, it very much affects the ranking of the site by search engines.

The trend for visual content will still be at the peak of fashion: infographics, video, illustrations and animation will go into the must have category in the promotion of any company.

In 2013, experts predict the expansion of marketing units at the expense of full-time or freelance employees – specialists in digital marketing and web-developers, because without them in the new marketing era is nowhere.

At the same time, more and more attention will be paid to adaptive design – the company’s presentation on the Internet at the layout stage should be as focused as possible on the increased number of gadgets (tablets, smartphones) per capita. They will also focus on e- mail marketing technologies .

Also, experts predict an increase in costs for web analytics : the further, the more the need arises for marketers not only in studying consumer behavior in the network, but also in assessing the effectiveness of marketing strategies on the Internet.

One of the most anticipated trends is the transition from digital marketing experiments to a full-fledged digital marketing strategy.

The main trend of 2012 was the general popularity of social networks as a marketing and advertising tool. In 2013, there are no plans to slow down the “socialization” of companies, so one of the trends will be the growth in demand for SMM specialists and qualified community managers . At the same time, contextual advertising, blogging and corporate pages in social media, working with a corporate website and SEO-copywriting will become priority functions in the work of many marketing specialists.

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