Chumba Casino Review – Tips For Winning

Gregory card games are not interested in whether the player will win. the Gregory of sport doesn’t care who becomes the champion. All of them are interested in getting the maximum benefit for themselves from the whole situation and on the maximum scale. If one or several players constantly win, this does not at all indicate their “choosiness” by fortune. For more details check over here.

They just bring Gregory maximum benefit and it stimulates them through a high degree of success in the framework itself, which gives other followers incentive for increasing immersion in the game and, statistically, the loss, which further leads to the release of the energy of fear ( imperil ) in its various manifestations. Consider this question on the example of poker:

Recently the glamorous status of a poker player has been inflated in the media. Allegedly, they leave there from $ 2000, and come from $ 2 million. How are they given to win?

They conclude an agreement with these forces and everything depends on the potential of the person, not everyone knows their potential. And whoever has the most potential wins. He loops himself, then in the next life he will work on the system.

already influences people so much. The particular popular character is interested in the instagram Dan Bilzerian, the flagship of the poker industry. A person travels to Las Vegas to play and won a lot. Then he puts the foty of Chumba Sweeps Cash, women, weapons, cars into the network. This is his hobby, so to speak. Who is he?

He is almost the only ambassador of the system, it is practically embodied in it. Or he is absorbed in it, it all depends on the point of view. Some people become fractals of the system; as a creator, it works, it creates fractals of itself. And especially successful adherents of the system can become a representative of the system itself. He is one of them. He unknowingly accepted the rules, everything suits him, but his whole life is subordinated to the system. He is all connected, scared to watch.

what about lucky poker players with a sixth sense who clearly possess it?

They get information from the egregor of poker, they are allowed to do it, because they have given poker everything. All these egregors are inscribed in the egregor of finance, money. The egregor of money was created at once by a very strong structure, as strong as the egregor of the state.

The operator of this session was somehow in Las Vegas and was acutely aware of the influence of the game matrix on herself, although she herself did not play. Above the city itself there are several energy domes that immerse people in hibernation of consciousness, underestimate the quality of thoughts and zombie for lust and profit. Also, the domes serve as cocoons so that the energy does not go beyond the controlled area in order to ensure an easy harvest. The concentration of gaming establishments in certain “offshore” areas makes it possible to concentrate the emissions of imperil in the right places and multiply by the factor of visitors. The idea is similar to stadiums, where the building itself is built in the form of a plate for the concentration of emo emissions.

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The architecture of the city itself is set in such a way that everyone can find something of their own: someone likes Paris more, someone like Egypt, Venice or New York. A mixture of eras also makes you forget about time.

The interior of the institutions must be in the style of super luxury for, creating the illusion of well-being in their walls. In fact, there is a rather thick unconscious hint at Babylon who has sunk into oblivion, with its inherent debauchery and bacchanalia. There is a game on the memory of past incarnations. Constantly flashing lights, music and barkers introduce a person into a state of trance better than any alcohol, any kind of zombie becomes a child’s play.

One of the most interesting observations of the operator was the staff of institutions. Croupiers and waiters are mostly people with predominant reptilian genes (“avid materialists”). One of the waiters was so impressed by the operator with his subtle courtesy that she decided to look at the inside story a little (the operator who sees). It turned out that in this way reptiles undergo their evolutionary ministry on Earth – they have a clear hierarchy, within the framework of which a program is set up for such activities with little or no exit.

The exceptions are those cases where the spirit is strong enough to pull out the incarnate and offer a different job, albeit often with a lower income. In such a scan, reptile genes and programs begin to overlap with other, more spiritual (high-vibration) ones, but much still depends on the person himself, free will, however. Although any experience is useful, especially for young souls.

In addition to the lack of hours and Chumba Casino free slots in the casino, the most powerful connections are used, forcing the player to lose the touch of reality, forget about day and night, and sit until the strength / money is enough. Fully blocked upper chakras. If even in supermarkets the energy background is not very favorable, imagine a casino.

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The “newcomers are always lucky” program really exists and the reasons for it are more than understandable – how else can you lure new adherents? Of course, some guardians put up a powerful defense or give you a chance to lose, and the person leaves the casino with a more or less stable psyche, but many break fast enough.

The system of gambling is arranged in the most successful way for itself. They say “the house always wins” and this is true, statistically. However, the hidden meaning is that the egregore itself eats in absolutely any case, because the quality of energy and its quantity are not so important to him. When a player leaves the game “in the black”, he radiates emanations of joy, inspiration, arising from the illusion of “luck”. “In the red,” the radiation becomes heavier, lower. Well, in the process of the game, the player’s pendulum is swinging through all parts of the psycho-emotional spectrum: hatred of the enemy, desire for revenge, repelling one’s own, greed, anger, greed, fear of loss and other sweets are fed to the system for tens of hours while the character is within or in front of the screen. Energy literally burns out of the soul in favor of the hypertrophied ego.

There are frequent cases of suicide on the grounds of a big loss, and this is already a storehouse for puppeteers, because such a soul will long be tied to the material world and suffer, trying to “retake its” even on thin plans. Robert Monroe described at least 4 spheres of existence around the Earth, where the densest and closest to the center is home to drunks, drug addicts, perverts and just hyper-materialists. It is very difficult to get out of this sphere and remember your true essence – it is like a swamp it delays all its inhabitants, not allowing them to break into spiritual spheres and gain enough energy to get out of Sansara.

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