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Bouncy mouse

On one mouse island, everyone always lived in peace and in full abundance of cheese, and no one touched anyone. But once the angry Captain Cat attacked all the cheese of this island, and from that moment there began a tragedy and complete despondency. Only one mouse from all over the island plucked up the courage to restore the former order and return all the lost cheese. In the game Bouncy Mouse under the operating system android, you’ll try to implement this story line.

In the game Bouncy Mouse you need to control a small mouse with a long tail. The tail here serves as a control, with the help of his mouse clings to special pegs, swinging and jumping, as a result of which he overcomes various obstacles. There are many obstacles, as a rule, these are dangerous burning bees , so you need to think a little about how to go through them and practice over jumping techniques. Also, you can build on some of the inclined walls, obstacles and flying birds in the sky.

In the process of mouse movement, it is necessary to collect as much cheese as possible on the fly , and eventually you need to get to the cat, which will give even more cheese and give the mouse additional strength – whiskers , which can also be used as motion control. It is important to collect the maximum amount of cheese during the movement, for those who collect absolutely all the pieces of cheese and do not miss a single one, will be able to improve and develop their hero  for a more effective game in the next level.

The game Bouncy Mouse as many as 30 levels with three worlds, each of which has its own magic and original, colorful design. The developers (Munkadoo Games LLC) claim that new levels of the game will appear with almost every update of the game. Bouncy Mouse is a very positive game that will always give you a good mood for the whole day. Positive from the game Bouncy Mouse comes primarily from the colorful graphics, pleasant fun music in each level and from the smiling characters of the game.

The graphic movement of the picture in the game is presented at a high level, there was not a single slowing down or freezing of the picture even at high speed. All this thanks to a new physics engine, which is just beginning to become popular in applications for the android operating system . The game Bouncy Mouse will be interesting to many users, it is easy to install on almost all models of devices under android, however, only with a version of the operating system at least 2.2. This is probably the main drawback of this game, since at present there are still many users who work with android 2.1. I wouldn’t regret paying for this pleasant, high-quality and quite interesting game, but here we will have another surprise -The Bouncy Mouse game can be downloaded in the market absolutely free of charge , it is located in the “Arcade and Action” section and is already beginning to gain leading positions in the ranking of the best free new products for android .

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